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5 Summer Backdrops for Your Wedding at Apricus Venue

Our wedding day should be a reflection of your personal style and resemble your love story, choosing the perfect backdrop could be an important aspect in setting the scene for your wedding.

Wedding at Apricus Venue
5 Summer Backdrops for Your Wedding at Apricus Venue

Apricus Venue, conveniently located in the DFW area, offers a variety of different romantic and elegant settings that will leave you and your guests in awe. From our brand-new gazebo to our captivating water views, here are a few breathtaking options that will make your summer wedding an unforgettable celebration. Let's explore these stunning backdrops and discover how they can complement your personal style.

- Serene Water Views:

Photograph taken by Kayleen Shearer Photography

Exchange vows with the tranquil beauty of Apricus Venue's pond as your backdrop. The shimmering water and peaceful atmosphere create a serene setting, enhancing the romantic ambiance of your summer wedding.

Utilize our covered terrace for your ceremony or reception to create an elegant flow.


- Elegant Chuppah:

Honor tradition and symbolize your union beneath a beautifully adorned chuppah. The elegance and symbolism of the chuppah create a stunning focal point, underscoring the sacredness of your commitment.


- Floral Backdrop Wall

Indulge in a floral paradise with a breathtaking flower wall as your backdrop. Bursting with vibrant colors and captivating blooms, a flower wall adds a romantic and luxurious touch, creating a stunning backdrop that will leave your guests in awe.


- Twinkling String Lights

Photograph taken by Anna Smith Photography

Create an enchanting ambiance with the soft glow of string lights. Whether suspended overhead or cascading down a backdrop, these twinkling lights add a magical and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a summer evening celebration. Want to make it more whimsical? Add in drapes to complete the look and create a low light setting in the evening.


- Geometric Shapes:

Apricus Venue - Outdoor Wedding
Photograph taken by Kellie Kay Photography

Embrace a modern and contemporary style by incorporating geometric shapes into your backdrop. The clean lines and architectural appeal of geometric shapes add a sophisticated and unique element to your wedding decor.

The backdrop you choose sets the tone for the entire event, creating a visually stunning and cohesive atmosphere. By selecting a backdrop that aligns with your personal style, you can create a wedding that feels authentically you. Whether you prefer a romantic outdoor setting, a modern and artistic backdrop, or a bohemian-inspired ambiance, Apricus Venue offers a range of options to match your style with our neutral, open concept to create the wedding of your dreams.

Are you ready to bring your dream summer wedding to life at Apricus Venue in Corinth? We invite you to schedule a tour and explore all the breathtaking backdrops that Apricus Venue has to offer. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you create the wedding of your dreams, providing exceptional service and ensuring that every detail is tailored to your personal style. Contact us today to schedule a tour and discover how Apricus Venue can be the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable summer wedding.

Remember, the backdrop you choose sets the stage for your special day, so let Apricus Venue be the canvas on which your love story unfolds.

Contact us today to get your big day scheduled!

We would love to host your next celebration or event here at Apricus Venue.

Give us a call today to discuss our available dates. (940) 400-3590


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