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Did you say yes? Check-out these different wedding traditions.

Apricus Blog - Wedding Traditions
Something new for the bride-to-be represents a bright future for the lovely couple. What a nice thought!

When it comes to weddings there are many traditions that are a part of the ceremony. Some of the traditions date back hundreds of years. Incorporating some of these common traditions can bring both romance and fun to a wedding.

But what do all the traditions mean and where did they come from? Let’s find out!

One tradition that is seen at weddings is the dress! Every little girl dreams of the dress she will wear on her wedding day and what does it look like? White!

The shape doesn’t matter. It can be A-line, mermaid, ball gown, or even a cocktail dress. It’s all about the color! The white dress dates back to the 1800s when Queen Victoria wore white and the trend stuck. At the same time, we take the wedding processional and apply it to weddings. The wedding party enters, the bride is escorted, and so on. So basically Queen Victoria was a trendsetter for all brides to be!

Besides the dress, the bride will be adorned in something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Isn’t there another one? Each “something” has a purpose but what is it? We’ll tell you!

Something old can be anything. Jewelry, a hairpin, etc. The meaning behind this tradition is continuity. Some believe it also brings protection for any future children you will have. Whichever it is, it’s a good thing!

Something new for the bride-to-be represents a bright future for the lovely couple. What a nice thought!

Something borrowed can be very special to a lot of brides. A family heirloom to borrow on your wedding day can bring a lot of happiness to both the bride and the owner of the item. The something borrowed represents a borrowed happiness from one couple to another.


Hearing this makes us happy, happy, happy!

Something blue has many meanings. Some brides add a pop of blue to their look to ward off any evil that may surround their marriage, specifically having to do with fertility. Others say blue represents purity and fidelity.

Lastly is the forgotten sixth pence in her shoe. This old tradition isn’t included in the popular rhyme usually. Nonetheless, it is a neat tradition. Traditionally the bride’s father would give the bride a sixth pence to bring good fortune to the couple.

Nowadays the bride is given a coin minted from the year the bride was born or the year the couple met. The coin is given to the bride by no one specific. It can be a parent, a sibling, or a friend. It’s just about the coin inside the shoe.

All these things are just a cherry on top of the bride’s bridal look and maybe they bring good luck or maybe they don’t. Either way, it’s a fun tradition to participate in.

Another accessory to a bride’s look is her bouquet. This tradition dates back to Ancient Rome when brides believed the flowers stood for new beginnings, fortune and fidelity. The bouquet was tied together with a ribbon as a symbol of fellowship. We’re glad this tradition is still around because who doesn’t love flowers? Roses, peonies, daisies? Yes, please!

During the ceremony, there are many traditions that you will see but the most popular is the exchanging of rings.

The exchange of the ring is such an anticipated part of the ceremony. The exchange of vows and rings is a small look into the couple’s life and devotion to one another. The ring symbolizes the world to see and know that you’re happily married. The ring is a circle that stands for eternal love and happiness. Are you swooning yet?

There are many other traditions that carry over to the reception. Everyone loves a yummy slice of wedding cake, am I right? The cake is the centerpiece of the reception. Many cakes are topped with a unique topper that represents the couple. It could be a shared hobby, figurines that are similar in appearance to the couple, the couple’s married name, or simple flowers.

The cake topper first arrived on the scene during Queen Victoria’s wedding. (That girl knew what style was!) she and the prince had two figurines placed on top of the cake and everyone loved it.

The groom’s cake is a tradition that came from right here in America. Weddings in the south started the fun of having a groom’s cake. Many times the groom’s cake is a chocolate cake that is decorated with the groom in mind. It’s themed around his favorite hobby or maybe a sports team he likes. Seeing what fun ideas the groom comes up with is always a highlight of a fabulous wedding day that the couple will never forget!

Lastly, this tradition is highly anticipated by wedding guests. It’s the bouquet toss! As the celebration begins to wind down all the single ladies join together for a chance to catch the gorgeous bouquet.

The bride stands with her back to the ladies and she tosses it to the crowd but only one can win! Whoever ends up with the bouquet is said to be the next bride to walk down the aisle. In history, we see a different meaning for the bouquet toss though.

In England, guests would wait until the end of the ceremony and when the time came they would try to get a piece of the bouquet or dress.

Obtaining a piece of the bride’s dress or bouquet was thought to bring good luck or fortune to the one who took a piece with them. I don’t know about you but I’m glad the tradition has changed for the better!

Weddings are so much fun! We all get excited to see our loved ones taking that next step with the person they love the most. It’s a celebration that is highly anticipated and for good reason. It’s a party that brings, joy, romance, food, fun, and good laughs.

Every tradition is fun and can be used to make your day that much more memorable. We hope some of these traditions inspire you to put your own unique twist on your big day and bring your dream to life!


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