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Wedding Trends for 2022/2023

Winter is right around the corner, and that means weddings are in the air!


For the 2022 and 2023 wedding season, there are many old and new trends that are making a big splash into the wedding world.

Having a winter wedding can change the overall appearance and atmosphere of one’s big day, and the decision to marry in one of the many winter months is decided because of that very reason.

Wedding dresses for the winter wedding season are taking a different approach than what we saw in the spring and summer. Whether you’re the bride or a wedding guest, some things you’ll see will have you swooning over this seasons look!

  • Bows - both big and small! Many gowns this winter will be adorned with bows to add that finishing touch to the much anticipated gown. Some gowns are featuring a large bow on the back to make a big statement or smaller bows to add a little bit of femininity.

  • Ruffles - because who doesn’t love a good ruffle? Coming from the sleek gowns we saw in past seasons, ruffles have us falling in love all over again. These give gowns a beautiful texture and add movement to the gown which is a big plus for blushing brides.

  • Sleeves - say “yes” to the sleeves! Puffed sleeves are a trend from the past that are coming back on the scene. Adding a pinch of royalty to the brides look is just what some are looking for! It’s not a trend that we’ve seen a lot of lately, so it’s definitely a new and unique look compared to the dresses we saw on our spring and summer brides.

  • Bridal capes - don’t worry, not the super hero kind. Winter brides are planning to add these gorgeous capes to their gown for the both warmth and style. The capes give us all of the princess vibes and can be detached when ready to walk down the aisle or party at the reception!

  • Pearls are lovely anytime of the year, but there’s something about pearls in the winter that make us all swoon. Bridal gowns and even bridesmaids dresses have been seen with the addition of pearl details to push the look over the top and add a romantic look to the big day.


Bridesmaid dresses are a trend that change with the upcoming seasons as well.

Many brides are selecting a color palette to best compliment their wedding vision and giving the decision-making over to her closest friends, the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids are loving the idea of selecting a dress that best compliments their body and still goes with the brides color vision.

A popular dress style we are loving is the returning slip dress we saw back in the 90s. These sleek, elegant dresses look great on everyone and can be a vision for the most relaxed wedding or the most extravagant! Add a faux fur Shaw and you have a winters vision in the making!

To decorate for the big day many couples are selecting some lovely touches to complete their

weddings look this winter.

  • Velvet trees in all sizes and colors to match the wedding are a must for winter.

  • Neon signs are giving the wedding a fun, sassy and unique touch that so many couples are jumping on! Signs that have quotes, the couples names, or a date that’s significant to the couple are making the reception shine in ways we’ve never seen before! These signs paired with a floral or greenery backdrop are a great place for photo ops for the bridal party and guests!

  • Hanging floral has been a lovely treat we’ve seen in 2022, and it's to be in year 2023 as well. Florals give any wedding a romantic feel, and florals -lots of them- are big this year! The more, the merrier. So ladies, hang those flowers!

  • Vinyl dance floors are making a big splash in the world with their ease to be applied and removed while offering a special touch of the wedding colors and theme. These floors are sure to be a hit for many brides.

  • Ahh candle light, doesn’t it just makes you think of romance? Winter weddings are lighting both ceremonies and receptions with candles to bring the atmosphere a romantic feel and give warmth to the room that is sure to be unforgettable to all that attend. Candles can be lit or even battery powered to make them safer especially if young kids attend. There are many options for couples to choose from. Sometime so small can elevate one’s wedding to heights you can’t imagine by the use of a simple candle. Your pictures will be glowing. Literally!

The days of a live band are beginning to fade away. Trending now are entertainers. Dancers, aerialists, and even fire breathers are making their way into the wedding scene. No matter if you’re having a traditional style or cultural wedding, there are many ways to incorporate entertainers for your big day.

We all love to be entertained, and that’s what weddings are bringing to the table for 2022 and 2023. So book yours now!

Cocktail hour is gaining popularity also in our upcoming winter weddings. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Bonus here at

Apricus, our bar room is separate from the ballroom allowing you to close the door when you’re ready for everyone to make their way to their seats.

Cocktail hour allows the guests to mingle while they ooh and ahh over the couple’s venue and decor. Take advantage of this time to have photos done or just unwind! Cocktails are served either from the bar or by servers, and you can even offer a signature drink. It’s a fun way to let your guest celebrate and have a treat that they’re sure to remember and enjoy!

These winter weddings are sure to set a blaze for the upcoming year! You can’t go wrong with any of these trends. Their timeless and unique touches will set your wedding apart and bring all the style and elegance you’re looking for. No matter what trend you are planning to incorporate in your upcoming wedding, it’s sure to be a smash!


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